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      20501900050704228.png        Guangzhou Superior electric Industrial Co.,Ltd. the factory is situated in Panyu district of Guangzhou, right at the center of the pearl River Delta, the company is specialized in manufacturing of home appliances.

              The company established in the year of 2015,covering 5,000 meters,we are investing heavily on new product research and development, so we can finish every order in time with good quality.

              The products include BBQ, Food slicer, Food dehydrator,hand mixer and so on.

              Together, we strive to continuously improve our products by following our objective: to design and manufacture superior products that are consistent in quality, cost efficiency and adaptation to market requirements. We aim for total quality control in every stage of the process from the sourcing of raw materials, designing of tooling, selection of appropriate production methods to the in process inspections prior to dispatch through our accredited ISO9001 quality system.This ensures that our delivered product meets the highest international quality requirement and those of our customers.

      Guangzhou Superior Electric Appliance Co.,Ltd.  ? Guangdong ICP 11007788        Contact us  |  Legal declaration  |  SINA Microblog  HOTLINE:13928860833、13926191646